Camping Gear, Supplies, and Accessories

Camping is the ultimate outdoor experience. Camping can bring one in touch with nature and brings people closer. A good camping trip is all about having the right gear, but knowing what gear to pack can sometimes be difficult. Often campers looking for advice online will end up on a camping gear website- one that may be trying to sell the camper more than what’s necessary or more than he could possibly bring. is an informational website designed to give campers a general idea about what camping gear they need and what works best. This site is for information only and does not endorse any one product.

For a trip to go successfully there are some basic necessities and then there is the fun stuff. The basics include tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, rain jackets, and a camp stove or grill. Fun stuff can be items to keep everyone entertained like Frisbees, ice cream makers, and binoculars.

One of the first things to consider when packing for a camping trip is whether this is a backpacking camping trip or just a traditional drive-up camp site. Backpackers will need small, simple, light-weight setups. Their tents, sleeping bags and pads, mess kit, and food will all need to fit into a pack that can be comfortably carried.

Many camping gear stores will have items’ weights listed so that the camper can calculate just how much weight they will be carrying. Items that are bulky will have to be left at home. Instead of packing in water backpackers should carry water filters so water can be obtained from streams and lakes along the way.

Those that are new to camping should try camping at a traditional camp site before moving up to backpacking.  Vehicles can be loaded up with all the necessities and even some luxuries, making the experience much more comfortable. Camp sites also are safer for those who are not familiar with the dangers of the wilderness.

There are four categories of items to consider as the camper prepares for the trip: Shelter and sleeping, cooking or food, necessities such as lanterns and personal hygiene, and recreation.  Creating a checklist that can be used each time there is a trip will help save time and prevent forgotten items.

The first thing to pack is the tent and all that goes along with it. The tent size is usually the maximum number of people that can fit in the tent, this means that a four man tent will work well for two or three people. To make camping an enjoyable experience the tent should be roomy enough for people to move comfortably.

The tent should have a rain fly, this not only protects the tent from rain but it will also supply shade. A footprint for the tent is also recommended; this goes on the ground under the tent and offers an extra layer of moisture protection and a barrier from sticks and stones. Tents should always be secured with the stakes they are provided with- even if it’s not windy.

Sleeping comfortably is one of the main obstacles for campers. Sleeping pads are lighter and can even be more comfortable than air mattresses, plus air mattresses can pop and deflate. The sleeping bags used should have the appropriate temperature rating. Some sleeping bags even zip together so two people can sleep in the same bag, keep in mind that these double bags tend to be bulky so they won’t work for backpackers.

Dining while camping can be a fun activity for the whole family. The key to satisfying meals is being prepared. Pack a chuck box filled with kitchen essentials such as salt and pepper, foil, sandwich bags, a corkscrew, etc. A small portable camp grill/ stove will make it easy to prepare meals but there are quite a few accessories for cooking directly over the campfire as well such as a pie iron, Dutch oven, and long hot dog skewers.

Other necessities like lanterns, bug spray, sunscreen, folding chairs, and a shower bag will also be needed. The experienced camper will quickly learn what gets used and what is superfluous. Checklists will prove to be really helpful and having camping gear stored in totes that can easily be loaded and unloaded will make the hauling of equipment as painless as possible. Continue to explore this site for further information on specific items as well as useful camping tips. Encourage family and friends to visit as well, who knows maybe they will get some great gift ideas!