Camping Gear FAQs

How do I know what to include on my checklist?

Cover the basics first: shelter, sleeping, food, personal hygiene and clothing, and lighting and campfire necessities. After that it’s a matter of what works best for you and your family. Look online for sample checklists if you still need more direction.

How do I know which tent is right for me?

First consider the number of people sleeping in the tent. When a tent says it’s a two man tent that means that two people will fit, but it’s going to be tight. To be most comfortable go one size up, if there are two of you look for a four person tent and sometimes with families it’s best to have two tents instead of trying to squeeze into one. Next, consider the temperatures you will be dealing with. Some tents are made to withstand high winds and cold temps, some are not. Set up will be another important factor; pop-up tents cost more but take only seconds to set up.

What’s the best way to cook while camping?

While it is possible to make entire meals just using the campfire it can sometimes be tricky and even dangerous. A camping stove/grill offers versatility and simplicity. They light easily and can grill meat or heat pots and pans.