Camping Supplies

Anyone who has gotten to the camp site only to discover they have no way to light the fire knows how important being fully stocked with camping supplies is. Little items often get overlooked and can be a real annoyance when they come up missing. Having one or two boxes or totes that stays stocked with camping supplies is the best way to avoid these mishaps.

Fill the tote or box with multiple boxes of waterproof matches, extra batteries for the lanterns, a first aid kit, toilet paper, plastic bags, utensils, extra bug spray and sunscreen. Those who camp often will be able to decide what they use the most and what to stock up on.

Camping supplies include items that everyone goes through quickly or that may become misplaced. Bring extra water bottles, lighter fluid, candles, and hygiene items. Keeping extra supplies on hand can prove to be invaluable in emergencies as well, no one ever wants to get lost or stuck at the camp site but having back-ups will help ease stress.