Camping Table

Camp sites usually have a picnic table, but often it doesn’t provide enough room for everybody and sometimes they are in rough shape. A camping table provides an extra working surface and is much cleaner than a camp site picnic table. The tables fold up easily so they can fit in the back of the vehicle without taking up too much room.

A camping table can even go inside a family-sized tent, giving the kids a place to play cards or board games in the evening. For the cook in the family the extra prep space is always appreciated. And the table will also provide a clean table for the family to sit and eat at if the picnic table looks dirty or the table cloth was forgotten.

Large groups can especially benefit from a camping table. Picnic tables usually can only seat about six people, so if the whole gang is there an extra table or two makes things comfortable. Camping tables can be small square tables for four or larger rectangular tables, there are even foldable picnic tables that include the benches.