Camping Tips

Some people feel camping is more hassle than it’s worth, but this is absolutely not true if the campers are prepared and have a little knowledge about camping basics. Follow these camping tips for a great time with the whole family:

•Make a checklist of gear needed to ensure nothing is forgotten.

•Always bring waterproof matches in case the lighter gets wet or lost.

•Pack a rain coat and umbrella.

•Have a chuck box- it’s a box full of handy kitchen items like baggies, foil, a can opener, extra utensils, etc.

•Pack extra batteries or fuel for the lantern.

•Bring an extra flashlight or two for nighttime trips to the bathroom.

•Don’t forget toilet paper!

•Have an extra change of dry clothes.

•A mat in front of the tent will help keep dirt out.

•Always, always use tent stakes! This is not just for wind but in case of critters too.

•If camping in bear country keep food stored and sealed- never store food in the tent.

•Bring a compass and first aid kit.